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Rabu, 13 November 2013

Girlfriend's Rental Site for Singles Ladies, Here's package and price list

Site Rental Boyfriend for Women Singles , This package and price list

Jakarta - Some women often feel insecure because it had singles for years . Most of their parents are often asked when to get married so it felt quite depressed . Now no need to worry about the status of singles , there are sites that rent girlfriends along with the list of packages and prices .

Online shopping site , Taobao , is now not only sell goods but also a man who can be a pretend girlfriend . The China site saw many women in China are depressed because of being asked parents about their lovers . Even some women afraid to go home because it does not take a lover.

With the rental service 's girlfriend , the woman who has not had a boyfriend do not have to worry about coming home . Taobao provide handsome men that can be selected to be boyfriend and price list .

One of the men who advertise themselves on the site said that he was willing to be a girlfriends rented to supplement his pocket money everyday .

" I want to earn more pocket money when I was fresh out of college and started working . Rental business is not too bad and usually crowded during Chinese New Year or a family reunion , " said Matthew Fang origin Chongqing , China to the People's Daily newspaper .

According to the 27 -year-old man , the man who rented in Taobao need through the interview process first. Just like a job interview , he and his party Taobao talk about the client's needs , work reasons , and about life .

Prior hired , clients and men paket wisata pulau tidung' choice ' exchange photos first . Then the intimacy exercises before a real date . Although the time required to do it professionally , some rented boyfriend admitted that it was difficult . Not easy to pretend courtship with women who did not have anything else in public .

" It all depends on you , consider this a business to make it much easier , " said Xu Li , a man 26 years old , from Yancheng .

Interested in has a boyfriend rented ? The following list of prices and conditions , as quoted by the Daily Mail :

- Rent a boyfriend at least three days at a cost of 30 yuan per hour , or about Rp 57 thousand , has included watching movies , kissing cheeks and forehead . However, when watching a horror movie you have to pay double .
- When including dinner at an additional cost 50 yuan or USD 95 thousand .
- Additional costs 30 yuan or accompany spending Rp 57 thousand .
- Additional costs 50 yuan a kiss on the lips or Rp 95 thousand .

okky unregistered marriages with Suryadharma Ali ?

Artist and member of the House of Representatives , Okky Asokawati claimed shock and disappointed by the news in the tabloids ' Femme ' who claimed to have married siri with the Minister of Religious Affairs , Suryadharma Ali .

" I am really shocked to read fitting . wisata pulau tidung I confirm that gossip and slander . Out of nowhere the source , without merit , "said Okky Asokawati .

The senior model says its disappointment at the tabloid who dare to publish news without prior confirmation to him .


" I was very hurt in the news , as well pack Suryadhama Ali , " he said . " So later I will report this matter to the Press Council . I am now preparing a letter report, " he said again .

Okky also admitted in solving the problem , he assisted the Legal Aid Institute ( LBH ) United Development Party ( PPP ) . " This is a serious problem , so I also have to be accompanied by a lawyer from Legal Aid PPP , " he said .

Gossip unregistered marriages , it also denied the former manager Okky Asokawati , Mira said , while working with Okky , he never saw Menag Suryadhama Ali met with Okky , let alone romance.

" I 've read the news , it is not possible really. I baseball ever knew or saw they had a special relationship , "said Mira who claimed to have just stopped so Okky Asokawati manager .

Islam Denies Log, Jonas Rivano Will Dipolisikan FPI

Not long ago , rumors have pesinetron Jonas Rivano
converted to Islam . It has also been agreed by several witnesses
who admitted to Islamize the Asmirandah lover .
But when confirmed , Jonas insists that he does not
've read two sentences creed . This is exactly what
then angered Islamic Defenders Front ( FPI ) region
Depok .

" Jonas made ​​a mockery of our religion Rivano . Him in some
media have denied the Islamic faith, but we have evidence -
proof of his conversion before he was married , " said Chairman of the FPI Depok
Habib Idrus Al Ghadri in his office , Wednesday ( 11/13/2013 ) .

" And here is obvious , there is a statement that Jonas
himself signed on 21 August , "
he added .

FPI Show Evidence Rivano Jonas Has So new convert
and Marry Asmirandah ( 15:40 pm )

Pulau Tidung Pesinetron pair Asmirandah and Jonas turns Rivano
indeed already married . Both were noted to be
a husband and wife on October 17, 2013 .
Previously , Andah , so greeting Asmirandah , always deny
about his marriage with Jonas . Andah claimed , will
married in January next year .
However Andah statement some time ago that
broken by Habib Idrus Al Ghadri , Chairman of FPI DPW Depok ,
West Java . Habib Idrus said that Andah and Jonas have
married .

" He ( Jonas ) has been married to Andah on October 17, 2013 ,
place at the residence of the bride , " he said when met at
FPI secretariat DPW Depok , West Java , on Wednesday ( 13/11/2013 ) .
Habib Idrus origin not say . He has proof in the form of
photocopy of the marriage certificate and Rivano Andah . In it are listed
wedding dowries in the form of a sum of money .
" Mahar illegitimate here , which is a sum of USD 13.131 million , "
he explained .

On the same occasion , Habib Idrus also represents FPI Depok
Rivano words expressed his objections in the media . time
it has been known Rivano Muslims claimed not
become converts .
In addition to plans to bring this issue to the point of law ,
Habib Idrus also asked Jonas expressed his apologies to the
all Muslims .