Rabu, 13 November 2013

Islam Denies Log, Jonas Rivano Will Dipolisikan FPI

Not long ago , rumors have pesinetron Jonas Rivano
converted to Islam . It has also been agreed by several witnesses
who admitted to Islamize the Asmirandah lover .
But when confirmed , Jonas insists that he does not
've read two sentences creed . This is exactly what
then angered Islamic Defenders Front ( FPI ) region
Depok .

" Jonas made ​​a mockery of our religion Rivano . Him in some
media have denied the Islamic faith, but we have evidence -
proof of his conversion before he was married , " said Chairman of the FPI Depok
Habib Idrus Al Ghadri in his office , Wednesday ( 11/13/2013 ) .

" And here is obvious , there is a statement that Jonas
himself signed on 21 August , "
he added .

FPI Show Evidence Rivano Jonas Has So new convert
and Marry Asmirandah ( 15:40 pm )

Pulau Tidung Pesinetron pair Asmirandah and Jonas turns Rivano
indeed already married . Both were noted to be
a husband and wife on October 17, 2013 .
Previously , Andah , so greeting Asmirandah , always deny
about his marriage with Jonas . Andah claimed , will
married in January next year .
However Andah statement some time ago that
broken by Habib Idrus Al Ghadri , Chairman of FPI DPW Depok ,
West Java . Habib Idrus said that Andah and Jonas have
married .

" He ( Jonas ) has been married to Andah on October 17, 2013 ,
place at the residence of the bride , " he said when met at
FPI secretariat DPW Depok , West Java , on Wednesday ( 13/11/2013 ) .
Habib Idrus origin not say . He has proof in the form of
photocopy of the marriage certificate and Rivano Andah . In it are listed
wedding dowries in the form of a sum of money .
" Mahar illegitimate here , which is a sum of USD 13.131 million , "
he explained .

On the same occasion , Habib Idrus also represents FPI Depok
Rivano words expressed his objections in the media . time
it has been known Rivano Muslims claimed not
become converts .
In addition to plans to bring this issue to the point of law ,
Habib Idrus also asked Jonas expressed his apologies to the
all Muslims .

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