Rabu, 13 November 2013

okky unregistered marriages with Suryadharma Ali ?

Artist and member of the House of Representatives , Okky Asokawati claimed shock and disappointed by the news in the tabloids ' Femme ' who claimed to have married siri with the Minister of Religious Affairs , Suryadharma Ali .

" I am really shocked to read fitting . wisata pulau tidung I confirm that gossip and slander . Out of nowhere the source , without merit , "said Okky Asokawati .

The senior model says its disappointment at the tabloid who dare to publish news without prior confirmation to him .


" I was very hurt in the news , as well pack Suryadhama Ali , " he said . " So later I will report this matter to the Press Council . I am now preparing a letter report, " he said again .

Okky also admitted in solving the problem , he assisted the Legal Aid Institute ( LBH ) United Development Party ( PPP ) . " This is a serious problem , so I also have to be accompanied by a lawyer from Legal Aid PPP , " he said .

Gossip unregistered marriages , it also denied the former manager Okky Asokawati , Mira said , while working with Okky , he never saw Menag Suryadhama Ali met with Okky , let alone romance.

" I 've read the news , it is not possible really. I baseball ever knew or saw they had a special relationship , "said Mira who claimed to have just stopped so Okky Asokawati manager .

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